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Since DomainAppraise.org's inception in 2009, we have been continuously updating our methodology and data analysis methods to pinpoint the true market value of a domain name. The applications of our appraisals vary greatly due to their inherent objectivity and accuracy. Our appraisals are designed to instill confidence in organizations and individuals alike.
All our appraisals are based on an individual survey and due diligence, so please send us a list of the domains you wish to get appraised and our staff will be in contact as soon as possible.

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If you need help aquiring a domain name or need a large portfolio of domain names sold, we're ready to help you.


  • Domain Appraisal

    • Multi-factor analysis
    • Comparable sales information
    • Two or more industry-expert appraisers
    • Completed in 7 Days
    • Assessment report (PDF)